What Bosch serie 8 ovens do for you

Why Bosch Serie 8 Ovens

Bosch appliances are designed to simplify your life.
That’s why we’ve researched and tested the best technology that offers consistently perfect results for your enjoyment.

A range of intuitive features allow you to take a step back and focus on what’s really important.
You can always be assured that your meals are being cooked to perfection, leaving no room for error.

When you want a perfectly succulent roast, simply select the option on the large full colour TFT display and
PerfectRoast handles the rest – leaving you more time to prepare for that dinner party.

Your Personal Cook

Want to cook an extravagant dish, but don’t know how it’s done?
Bosch Serie 8 ovens know how to cook, so you don’t have to.

Step 1 :

Select a dish from the Assist menu.

Step 2 :

The oven will automatically choose the right time and heat settings for your dish.

Step 3 :

Sit back while the oven monitors the heat and moisture of your dish, leading to perfect results.

With the new Bosch Serie 8 you have

  • Temperature range 30 °C – 300 °C
  • Cavity volume: 71 l
  • baking sensor
  • multipoint temperature probe
  • Electronic clock
  • Rapid heating-up
  • Halogen interior lighting, Switch for oven illumination
  • Info button
  • Total connected load electric: 3.65 KW
  • Maximum window temperature 40° C

What Bosch serie 8 ovens do for you

Bosch Series 8 oven + Food Processor - achieve perfect roasting and baking results.

Bosch Series 8 PerfectRoast - Boss #CookLikeaBosch

Bosch Series 8 Assist - First Date #CookLikeaBosch

Bosch Series 8 Oven - Assist Programme - for perfect baking results


Potato cakes
and smoked salmon

A scrumptious snack.

Festive fruit
and nut cake

A delightful desert.

Apricot and
walnut stuffing

A tasty mouth watering treat.

Innovative technology

Intelligently monitors and controls the baking process for perfect results.

A built-in 3-point meat probe constantly monitors your roasts for precise results.

4D Hot Air
Ensures consistent heating throughout the oven and on all racks.

Automatically optimises heat and time settings for countless preprogramed dishes.

EcoClean Direct
Say goodbye to scrubbing thanks to a special coating that absorbs grime.

TFT Display:
Perfectly displays your meal selection in full colour for simplified selection

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Redeem your Gift

Receive a free Bosch food processer when purchasing a Bosch Serie 8 oven between 20 November 2017 and 20 January 2018.
If you have already made your purchase, click the button below to redeem.

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